The Lowell Riddler: Solution to Halloween Riddle

The Lowell Riddler returned with a special Halloween riddle that was solved in no time flat. Here’s the solution. 

Congratulations to Paul Mundt!

The souls of the damned are numb,
The Main Street dams
Like Bates dressed up as his mum.
Flowers: Mums
Just a short throw
From a first year pro.
Next to Rookies Sportscards Plus
Coffins where color has come.
Flower boxes look like miniature coffins/Blooming mums


Prize: $50 in Lowell Bucks
Good at more than 60 Lowell businesses and restaurants!

Paul shared the following in his email to the Riddler:

We were able to put it together pretty quickly this time. I figured out Rookies right away, so I drove over there and saw the mums and started looking. There were two other pairs of people who came looking shortly after I found it. (But I didn’t see Mark and Peggy). 

Paul is declining the prize in the hopes that it will be rolled into a future prize for another riddle later this year. He also notes that if there is another riddle in 2023, he’ll sit that one out.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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