5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for April 2023

One benefit of online news is that it remains accessible long after the publication date. That means people can easily discover or reread articles months or even years after they are published.

We saw two examples of that when reviewing the numbers for the April top articles. You’ll see the number four article below is from earlier this year, but just narrowly missing the top five was a June 2022 article about the use of virtual reality by the Lowell High School volleyball team. That article has seen steady views every month since it was published and then had a surge in interest last month to take it to the No. 6 spot overall for April 2023.

Here’s a look at the articles that beat out that story to take the top five.

5. Lowell High School Offers Array of Sports Camps for Kids of All Ages

My children tell me there are something like only 41 days left before school is out – not that they are counting or anything – and that means it is time for parents to start thinking about summer activities. Lowell Area Schools hosts a variety of sports camps at the high school, and our article highlighting this year’s offerings takes the No. 5 spot for the month.

In case you’re curious, our website stats tell us how many times certain links are clicked within an article (don’t worry – we can’t see who is doing the clicking). For that reason, we can tell you that the youth football camps seem to be most popular, but soccer is right behind. Gymnastics, girls basketball and golf round out the top five in terms of which links readers followed most.

4. Magnolia Opens in Downtown Lowell

Bruce Doll/Images of Vision

This was the No. 1 article from March, and it continued to be popular in April. It highlights Magnolia, a new restaurant in Lowell that features Southern/Cajun cooking and a rotating daily menu. The owners hope to eventually expand to offer a small grocery along with their counter-service meals.

3. Lowell Twp Planning Commission Recap: Dollar Tree Moving Down the Street

The second Monday of the month is “planning commission night,” and we headed to Lowell Charter Township in April to see what’s cooking there. The big news is that Dollar Tree has submitted a site plan to build a new location on Fulton Street by Creation Kingdom daycare. The retailer needs to provide some more information before its plan can be approved, but once construction is complete, a representative says he expects the Dollar Tree location within the City of Lowell to close.

2. BREAKING: Lowell Township Announces Plans to Annex City of Lowell

Our annual April Fools’ Day article was popular, as always. This year, we envisioned what would happen if Lowell Township tried to take over the City of Lowell, and the fate of the community came down to an epic battle of rock, paper, scissors. While well-read, this story couldn’t hold a candle to the number one article for April.

1. Lowell Showboat Sizzlin’ Summer Concerts Return for 2023

No article came close to last month’s views of the Lowell Showboat Sizzlin’ Summer Concerts line-up. This is another story that we expect people to revisit again and again in the months to come. The first Sizzlin’ Summer Concert is June 15 when the Last Gasp Collective takes the stage. Then, there are 10 concerts that follow through August 24, 2023.

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