Donating Blood, Saving Lives

The following message is from Liz Pratt, the wife of Lowell Area Schools Superintendent Greg Pratt.  It is shared with her permission.  If you haven’t signed up to donate blood, walk-ins are welcome as long as a spot is available.  

“My friends and community I have a heartfelt message from me to you.” from Liz Pratt

I’m asking a huge favor of all of you. The blood drive begins tomorrow in Lowell and I just want to share with you how beneficial blood is to those that are ill.

My personal experience with Grant has left a huge impact for me with this cause. As many of you know Grant needed blood and plasma donations. There were days that he really, really felt weak and awful. On the worst of the worst days they would give him a transfusion. The transfusion would bring immediate relief. That relief is why I’m asking you to donate. TRUST ME, it made a WORLD of difference.

PLEASE FIND THE TIME TO DONATE and please pass this message on to others.

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