Lowell Light & Power Announces Winners of 2022 Holiday Lighting Competition

We received the following press release from Lowell Light & Power.


Lowell Light and Power (LL&P) has announced the commercial and residential winners of the 2022 Holiday Lighting Competition, hosted by LL&P and the Lowell Rotary Club.

The residential winner is Brian Darling of 1580 Carol Lynne Dr. Honorable mentions go to the homes on N Washington St and Sibley St who were close contenders.

The winning residential entry on Carol Lynne Dr.
Honorable mention goes to this house on N. Washington Street.
This house on Sibley Street also received honorable mention.

The commercial winner is Greenridge Realty – Lowell Office. If you haven’t seen their light show yet, stop by 1160 W Main St and tune to 100.9FM. Honorable mention goes to FanDangled Custom Apparel at 210 W Main St.

Greenridge Realty continued its domination of the commercial holiday lighting competition.

The community is encouraged to drive around and see all the homes and businesses that participated (see map below). Photos of the top contenders can be found on Lowell Light & Power’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Both winners received a trophy and prize package containing Lowell Bucks, Christmas lights, kitchen towels, pot holders, mug, cookies, spices, caramel dip, hot chocolate, and more!

To the victor goes the spoils.

Betten Baker donated the trophies. Prize package items were generously donated by Alpha Care Center, Flat River Outreach Ministries, King Milling Company, Lighthouse Inc, Mark & Teresa Mundt, Owen- Ames-Kimball Co, Lowell YMCA, and other members of the Lowell Rotary Club.

“We love hosting this community event each year and hope to see it grow,” said Charlie West, General Manager of Lowell Light & Power. “We are already discussing how we can improve the event next year and bring in more involvement from the community.”

LL&P would like to remind customers to turn in their receipts for LED holiday lights purchased on or before December 24, 2022 to receive a rebate up to $4 per strand. Rebates must be redeemed on or before January 6, 2023, limit of 10 strands. Full rebate details can be found on LL&P’s website.

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