Scenes from Lowell: FROM Clue Event Edition

We received photos from Flat River Outreach Ministries (FROM) from their live action Clue event which took place on June 11.  From the looks of the photos, it was a great evening of fun by all who attended and took part playing characters helping detectives solve the mystery.  The following photos were taken by Dylan Kraayenbrink of DK Event Photography and are used with permission.

Nearly 50 participants of all ages looked for clues throughout the FROM facility trying to figure out the suspect, room, and weapon.

A full cast of characters were suspects for the evening.  They helped participants gather clues to determine whodunit.

The ballroom and library were two of the rooms where a crime may have taken place.

Characters mingled with guests.  But were they being helpful or trying to deflect guilt?

As players finished there was time to have a snack and socialize before the winner was announced.

Lots of racing around the building took place to find clues.  Finally with all of the guesses submitted, it was finally announced that it was Lady Lavender, in the Lounge with the Lamp!  Gift cards to Treasures Thrift Shop were handed out as prizes.

If you missed out on participating in this event, FROM hopes making a game night an annual tradition as a way to celebrate the end of Food Fight.  “We saw so many people come together to learn a little more about FROM, have a night out with their family, and a few laughs along the way.” says Arianne Hall, FROM’s Development Director.

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