Special Showing of Sing at Ada Lowell 5

Seeing a movie in a theater is a fun activity.  But for younger kids the first time can be a bit overwhelming.  And kids with a sensitivity to louder sounds paired with a dark room, seeing a movie in a theater may not be a pleasant experience.  A unique opportunity in Lowell gives families an opportunity to view a newly released film in a theater in a fun but not-so-typical setting.  

Lights Up, Sound Down

Lowell resident and Dippy Do’s Daycare owner and operator Carrie Hoffman is the host.  She works with Ada Lowell 5 a few times a year to offer a sensory movie option.  During the film the lights aren’t completely turned off.  The sound is also not as loud as it is during a regular screening.  If a child needs to get up and move around or talk softly during the show it’s not frowned upon.

Hoffman’s son has an over-sensitivity to audio which inspired her to look into offering sensory movies.  “I know that normal movie screenings are simply too loud and can be somewhat intimidating to him…and other kids.” she says.  She took it upon herself to be able to offer something to the community.  “Seeing a movie in the theater on the big screen is an AWESOME sensory activity that can really open that “window;” per se, of development.  So…I wanted to do something that could include even the younger kids, as well as the older ones, within the community.”

This movie-going experience is a great way to introduce children to the theater experience in a more comfortable setting.  Children who are uneasy in the dark or timid if the surroundings are noisy will benefit during this type of movie viewing.  While the show is a sensory viewing all families are welcome.  

Hoffman first coordinated a sensory movie with Ada Lowell 5 in November 2015 with a showing of The Good Dinosaur.  This was followed by Finding Dory this past summer.  She hopes continued success will mean more opportunities for this kind of theater experience.

The sensory movie for this viewing will be Sing.  The story tells of a koala’s attempt to save his music theater from closing by holding a singing contest.  

Support a Good Cause

In addition to a different movie experience Carrie will be collecting donations for the Thin Blue Line of Michigan.  This organization helps families of fallen and injured law enforcement officers financially.  Members of the Lowell Police Department will be present for children to talk to and help receive donations.  Concessions will also be offered at a discount and 50% of the proceeds will be donated.  

Officer Trevor Slot worked part-time with the Lowell Police Department for five years before taking a full-time position in Walker.  It was five years ago this fall he was killed in the line of duty.  He left behind a wife and two daughters.  His wife has since passed away after a battle with cancer.  Through the Thin Blue Line of Michigan the Slot family has received financial assistance.  

In addition to being able to make a donation the day of the film funds can also be sent through Thin Blue Line of Michigan’s online form.  In the donation purpose box please put “MOVIE”.  

You’re Invited

Saturday, January 7 at 9am visit Ada Lowell 5 for your chance to see the sensory showing of Sing.  Prior to the film Carrie will speak briefly so you’ll have the opportunity to thank her for taking the initiative to set up these events.  The cost of the sensory movie is $6.25 for adults and $5.50 for kids.  An RSVP to Carrie is requested so she can know how many people will be attending.  Contact her via email at carrieh4486@gmail.com or text or call 616-558-0411.  

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