The Lowell Riddler: Riddle #2 Solved!

The Lowell Riddler is hiding medallions in the City of Lowell and offering area residents the chance to win a prize of local gift cards. Look for a new clue or riddle each Saturday!

The second riddle from The Lowell Riddler was a tough one, with no one finding the medallion using the first clue alone. However, within hours of the second clue being published, Kurt and Lisa Schenk from Lowell found success.

“The first set of clues really had us stumped,” Lisa says. “We went out several times with no luck.”

The second clue, with its reference to “danger,” took the couple back to the dam. While they started on the south side of  Main Street, they quickly realized that the holes in the cement wall didn’t match the clues. A quick count of the openings to the north, though, revealed the secret location of the medallion, which was hanging over the river from the 21st opening.

Here’s what The Lowell Riddler sent us when announcing the winner and the answers behind the riddle:


Kurt and Lisa Schenk from Ada!

They win gift cards from Mynt Fusion Bistro, Main Street BBQ and Keiser’s Kitchen
and some Lowell Bucks!

Here are the clues and the answers:

Take a stroll down the fairway (Main Street)
don’t be bothered by the snow
Play the middle hole (Middle of 41 cement bridge openings)
but play it down low
Take careful aim, as in golf
the hole is pinned (Metal vertical rods in each opening)
The answer my riddle friend
is blowin’ in the wind (Hanging from metal rod over the river)

It’s the 21st hole (Middle hole/opening of 41 openings)
no matter which way you play
On the fringe of a hazard (Flat River)
it can be seen from another fairway (From Riverwalk)
Danger – stay back (Warning sign on dam)
it’s a chip shot by-way (25 ft. from Blue Star By-Way)
Around the pin from above (pull up connected line in middle pin)
pull it up from the gateway (dangled over dam entrance)




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