Furry Friday

The following animals are available for adoption.  If you find an animal you’d like to adopt please contact the organization directly.  Lowell’s First Look does not assist with the adoption process. And if you’re looking to add to your family and don’t see an animal below, each organization has additional cats, dogs, or farm animals looking for new homes.   Pet profiles and photos are provided by each organization.

For additional information about each organization visit their websites or read our intro article to Furry Friday!  The following pet profiles are provided by each rescue.

Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary

Those involved with Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary take pride in finding the right home for dogs in their care. Here are their pets of the week.

Little Ringo is the last puppy left from Bella’s puppies. He does well with other small dogs, and is a super sweet and fiesty boy. His D.O.B. is 1/13/18. He is still just a puppy, and is so lovable. He is also very smart. Probably best with older children, as he is so small, he could be hurt easily.

Timmy and his siblings were born on 3/18/18. They have a wonderful and tiny momma named Minni. She is a Bassett hound mix. There are 9 puppies all together, and we are ready to start accepting applications now. Please be patient though, as the puppies will not be ready for adoption until after they are 8 weeks old and medically cleared.

Please visit the MAS website, and read about our adoption criteria. This site also has our adoption application and survey.

Carol’s Ferals

Carol’s Ferals specializes in trap, neuter, return (TNR), but they come across “friendlies” who are available for adoption. Here are their pets of the week.

Betty (female) and Jughead (male) (brown tabby)

Jughead and I are kind of shy, but we love to be petted and purr.  We will also accept being held for a short period.   String toys can coax us out, and we love the red dot.  Sadly, most people want cuddly outgoing cats, so the shy ones get overlooked.  Betty, and Jughead are very sweet and need patient adopters willing to help them blossom.  They can go together or separately; and would do best in a quiet home.


Shiva (Orange Patch Tabby)

I’m the official office cat.  I prowl the outer rooms and hallways searching for mice or dropped food.  Since I don’t get along with other cats, I am not allowed in the cat rooms.  I enjoy people, playing, and laps.  Although I seem to prefer men, women are okay too.  You’ll probably find me snoozing on the chair as you come into the facility.  Go ahead, wake me up and pet me.

Tracy (female/black)

Yes, I am overweight and need help.  There, I said it.  I am very sweet and love people, even children.  I need someone to foster me and help me lose weight.  My health depends on it.  I don’t get along with other cats, so I need to be an only cat.  You won’t be sorry, though.  I will give you all the affection you can handle.

Vicky’s Pet Connection

Vicky’s Pet Connection works with the Kent County Animal Shelter to rescue cats and kittens.  They also take in dogs older in age and those needing special care. Here are their pets of the week.

Who is this little black panther? This is Brandi and, at 9 months of age, she is part kitten and part adult. The kitten in her just wants to run, wrestle and leap while the adult in her prefers careful investigation of new things and plenty of snuggles with the people she loves. Luckily, she has plenty of energy for all of her hobbies so she can do it all! She has a best friend named “Bishop” and, together, they have tons of fun. Watching them play is better then anything on Netflix! So, if you have room for two, consider adopting them both!

Handsome is the only word we can find to this young feline named, Bishop!  At just 10 months of age, Bishop is still just a teenager and so wide-eyed and eager to explore the world!  He’s a friendly, happy guy who splits his time between playing and snuggling (yes, that grey coat is just as soft as a bunny!).  Bishop has a good friend named Brandi and the two of them love to run and play together so if you have room for two kitties in your life, consider adopting them both!

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