Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for February 2023

Lowell Police Department Hybrid vehicle

The biggest case to come out of the Lowell Police Department recently was an arrest for the sexual assault of a toddler. That crime allegedly occurred in November 2022, according to a press release issued this week.

However, other than robberies at local marijuana stores, Lowell Police say February was relatively uneventful. Reports in most criminal and civil violation categories were down, including the number of calls to assist other agencies.

In total, the Lowell Police Department had 192 reports filed for February 2023, down from 222 in January. February cases included the following:

  • 38 assists to other agencies
  • 29 pistol permits and sales
  • 15 general and motorist assists
  • 13 ordinance violations
  • 8 suspicious situations
  • 7 traffic accidents
  • 4 obstructing justice
  • 4 family issues
  • 2 larcenies
  • 2 open doors and windows
  • 2 disorderly conduct

Lowell officers also made 34 traffic stops that resulted in 6 citations.

Second Break-In at a Marijuana Store

Lowell Police kicked off the month with a robbery at a marijuana dispensary. That initial crime was reported in the January Police Beat. Then, later in the month, a similar crime occurred at a different dispensary.

As with the first break-in, thieves broke a window to enter the building to grab items.

“They were in and out within minutes,” says Police Chief Chris Hurst. And as with the first break-in, the criminals did a good job of concealing their identity with clothing. “[There’s] plenty of video, but you couldn’t tell who was who,” according to Hurst.

Information has been turned over to the Kent County Sheriff’s Office which has a team investigating a string of similar robberies in the Grand Rapids metro area.

Hurst says some suspects have been identified, and it is not believed that the same individuals broke into both Lowell stores.

Other Updates from Lowell Police

Other cases during February were relatively minor – such as a driver who accidentally hit a post in parking lot while trying to pass something to his child in the backseat.

In other news, Hurst says officers will be trained to use BolaWrap devices in April. The department is also looking into fixing up its radar trailer, which is a portable speed sign that tells drivers how fast they are traveling. Attempts to find grant funds to purchase a new trailer have been unsuccessful so refurbishing the existing trailer is being explored.

Finally, the big discussion on City Council right now seems to be if and how to limit parking on Main Street and city parking lots. Until questions about the ordinance are resolved, police are holding off on any aggressive parking enforcement.


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